lunes, 11 de febrero de 2013

Collaborative Work

In grups of 5 we are going to choose one of this topics:

- Interactive Boards
- Personal Learning Enviroment
- Augmented reality in education
- Digital literacy
- Free software and GNU licences
- Social networks and education

You have to:

- Choose a leader with personal gmail
- You are going to work in minigroups of 2
- One of the groups are going to search in google
- Other of the groups are going to search in delicious and mister-wong
- All the information that you have you are going to put in a google drive file.
- Your leader is going to order the information about your topic and then put in in another google drive file.

In the file you have to write:

- Minimun two videos about it
- Minimum 10 interesting links
- A theorical framework
- Your personal group opinion about it

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